Minnesota Sorting Cow Horse Association

April 23rd

Rusty Spur - Spicer, MN

2015 JR Youth Winners- Buckle-1st Place, Breast Collar- 2nd Place, Cooler Sheet- 3rd Place, Trophies for Qualifiers

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MNSCHA's new 1 Cap Ranch Hand Class

    The MNSCHA board members just passed a new class that they hope will help the beginner sorter learn more about sorting and get to know other members who maybe more advanced in their riding.  

    The 1 Cap Ranch Hand Class will pit a beginner or number one rated rider in the herd working out the cattle with a potentially more advanced rider in the gate giving them direction and working with them to get the cattle sorted.

​    This will be a straight pick class with an unlimited team rating.  Anyone can ride the class but only the one rated rider will be allowed to chase the cattle out of the herd, the gate holder will only be allowed to play defense against the cattle.  

   The MNSCHA board is excited to see this classes full potential to influence the future of sorting!


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Minnesota Sorting Cow Horse Association is dedicated to the promotion of the sport of sorting cow horse with in the state of MInnesota.

2015 Futurity/JR Horse Incentive